17 de julho de 2006

Aranha de crochê

Gente olha só que graça essa aranha de crochê!!

Body: Knit 25 rows in the round as you would for a hat, using 2 strands of yarn (leave a long tail on the winding peg to use in sewing up the bottom of the spider body).

Take the knitting off the loom as you would a hat (take a 25” piece of yharn and thread it through top and bottom – take off loom). Put stuffing in while still on the loom.

Legs: Make 8. Using the yellow loom, knit back and forth on 8 pegs for 47 rows and leave a long piece of yarn on the winding peg to sew up the legs. Take each leg off the loom as you would a hat. Fold legs horizontally and sew up

Take each leg, fold in half, then whip stitch for a fold or bend in the leg. Turn spider over and sew four legs on each side.
Hot glue two large wiggly eyes on top of spider near the front. (Use the size eyes you like, spiders have small eyes, but larger eyes show up better)

Note: This spider would be way cute if you used one strand of fun fur to make it hairy.

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